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Pune Diaries | Tour of Silicon Valley of Maharashtra | Hinjawadi Tour

Hinjawadi is a sprawling modern suburb with a high concentration of tech companies and business parks.

Location: Hinjawadi, Pune -

Host - Mayur Kulkarni

Edited By - JD

Directed By - JD

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Pune Diaries | Marunji Hill Trek

A quick trek to go on weekends. Dangerous but exciting.

Location: Marunji Hill, Pune -

Starting Point -


Host: Mayur Kulkarni -

Special Thanks: Omi & Saurav

Directed By - JD

Edited By - JD, Mayur Kulkarni

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Kasarsai Dam & Lake | K Rocks Resort

Host: Mayur Kulkarni​

Directed By - JD

Video By - Prasant More, Somesh Tiwari

Edited By - JD, Mayur Kulkarni

Special Thanks - K Rocks Resort and Restro​

Special Guest - Nivrutti Getle